Other Apps

Episode 5 October 19, 2021 00:06:33
Other Apps
W10 - Additional tools and tips to save time
Other Apps

Oct 19 2021 | 00:06:33


Show Notes

Other great apps

In addition to the primary calendar, email, task and note-taking apps and their associated add-ons, other apps can help you save significant amounts of time, become more organised and productive, and help reduce your stress.

Here are some apps that you may find helpful:

1. Apps that can help you automate repetitive typing.

Often, you may find yourself continually typing the same or similar text over and over.
One way to reduce the workload is to copy and paste from another document.

However, a much better way is to use a Chrome extension called TextBlaze.

TextBlaze enables you to trigger a snippet of text so that it is automatically pasted. It is simple to set up and use. A free version, and a very inexpensive paid version allow you to perform some very sophisticated tasks.

2. Apps that help you remain consistent & help you form habits

Many studies have shown that the biggest inhibitor to most people’s success is their lack of consistent effort.

In this regard, we highly recommend you listen to this audio summary of the book Mini-habits by Stephen Guise. We also recommend you decide to become a champion for consistent mini-habits.

Streaks is a great, simple app that will help you create mini-habits.

3. Apps that help you organise your browser tabs

It is so easy to become overwhelmed or lost in open browser tabs, isn’t it?

Several apps can help with this.

In particular, we recommend:

1. Toby for Chrome

This Chrome browser extension is simply brilliant for keeping chrome tabs organised and helping you open a collection of related tabs.

2. Cluster

Cluster is a simple app that allows you to press Ctrl-M to see all open windows and tabs.

4. Apps that keep your password secure and remember them for you

Passwords are increasingly becoming a nightmare of frustration.
This is especially so as the incidence of Cybercrime increases and hackers become ever more sophisticated.

A password manager is no longer an optional extra. It’s become a necessity.
When you take the time to learn about and implement a password manager, you will feel much more secure, and the stress of remembering passwords will disappear.

There are several good password managers. We recommend Lastpass.

5. If you are using Windows, a good Windows clipboard manager can save you a great deal of time

We spend a lot of time copying and pasting data from one place to another.

A good clipboard manager can help enormously.

If you are using Windows, we recommend Ditto.

6. Mind Mapping

A good mind mapping tool can:

Help you clarify your thoughts
Communicate your thoughts to others
Break a big-picture down into smaller parts

We recommend Coggle

7. Mail Merge

A good mailmerge tool can help you send regular or one-off personalised emails & SMS to a group of people.

For example, a good mailmerge tool can help you keep your team updated about team meetings.

We recommend GMASS for Gmail. GMASS works for lists stored in Google Sheets.

8. Arnie the Analyser

We have a workshop devoted to our primary LinkedIn outreach tool called MyMostTrusted.
MyMostTrusted is an easy to use Chrome extension that works as a companion to LinkedIn. MyMostTrusted allows you to create a filtered list on LinkedIn, send invitations to connect, move connections through “stages” and, add tags, notes and reminders.

Arnie the Analyser allows you to automate the LinkedIn process even further. Most importantly, Arnie will enable you to significantly reduce your workload and increase your effectiveness by helping you select more likely candidates based on words in various sections of their profile.

Arnie is an in-house developed tool that allows you to specify positive or negative points where the words you specify are found or not found in the LinkedIn profile sections you specify.

For example, you could specify that if a candidates LinkedIn profile summary section does not contain one of the words: “ I”, “My” or “Me”, you could allocate, say, minus 3 points. This means that those profiles that speak in the third person would be given negative points. So, for example, a profile that says “Mary has incredible leadership and communication skills” and did not mention any of the words: “ I”, “My” or “Me” would be given minus 3 points.

At the same time, you could specify that if a candidate’s LinkedIn summary section contained any of the words “difference” or “others”, you could allocate, say, plus 5 points.

Given a list of LinkedIn profiles and a set of words to look for and points that you have assigned to those words, you can then ask Arnie to show you a list of profiles that have at least the number of points you specify. So, for example, you could ask Arnie to show you a list of profiles with 6 points or more.

This process can easily cut down the number of candidates to 25% of the original LinkedIn filtered list. When you examine each profile in the cut-down list, in most cases, you would want to send a connection request to at least half of the people in that list. On the other hand, if you examined all profiles in the original list, you would probably only want to send a connection request to 1 in 5 of the people on that list.

In other words, your effectiveness has been increased by 75%, and the process has become far less tedious. That means it makes establishing consistent habits much easier.

The catch with Arnie is that it is complex to set up and will require help from a CC member who is experienced in using it.

If you have proved to yourself, you can use the MyMostTrusted app consistently, and you are keen to find leaders and build your team faster, ask your Connector about how you can get some help to get going with Arnie.

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