Overview of tools and tips plus your questions

Episode 1 October 16, 2021 00:01:20
Overview of tools and tips plus your questions
W10 - Additional tools and tips to save time
Overview of tools and tips plus your questions

Oct 16 2021 | 00:01:20


Show Notes

Overview of tools & Tips + Your Questions

This is the final workshop before you go into the leadership and personal development series.

Although we encourage you to repeat any of these workshops to get a refresher, now is an excellent time to ask any questions you may have about anything that has been covered in the workshops so far.

Typically, we learn something that we are not yet ready to put into practice as we progress. It, therefore, makes sense to revisit the relevant workshop(s), ask your connector or attend fast-track Zoom sessions to gain greater clarity.

This session covers additional tools and tips to save time. Although these tips and tools will typically help you in many aspects of your daily activities, they are specifically designed to help you with your consistent network-building activities.

We believe that consistent activity is critical for success in most endeavours.

So, now is an excellent time to revisit how you are going with your consistency.

Have you managed to establish consistent mini-habits?

Forming consistent mini-habits is something that most people know they need to do, yet they struggle with it. So, if you have had some breakthroughs that you feel others may benefit from, please feel free to volunteer them during this or other workshops.

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