Overview of tools and tips plus your questions

Episode 01 October 16, 2021 00:01:20
Overview of tools and tips plus your questions
W10 - Additional tools and tips to save time
Overview of tools and tips plus your questions

Show Notes

Overview of tools & Tips + Your Questions

This is the final workshop before you go into the leadership and personal development series.

Although we encourage you to repeat any of these workshops to get a refresher, now is an excellent time to ask any questions you may have about anything that has been covered in the workshops so far.

Typically, we learn something that we are not yet ready to put into practice as we progress. It, therefore, makes sense to revisit the relevant workshop(s), ask your connector or attend fast-track Zoom sessions to gain greater clarity.

This session covers additional tools and tips to save time. Although these tips and tools will typically help you in many aspects of your daily activities, they are specifically designed to help you with your consistent network-building activities.

We believe that consistent activity is critical for success in most endeavours.

So, now is an excellent time to revisit how you are going with your consistency.

Have you managed to establish consistent mini-habits?

Forming consistent mini-habits is something that most people know they need to do, yet they struggle with it. So, if you have had some breakthroughs that you feel others may benefit from, please feel free to volunteer them during this or other workshops.

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Consider investing in better computer equipment

Consider investing in better computer equipment. If you already have a fast computer with multiple screens, you probably can’t imagine how you ever lived without them! We are increasingly spending more time using computers. One of the main reasons for this is that we are increasingly conducting more meetings via video conferencing, and this trend is likely to continue. If you are currently working on a small laptop screen or a more than 3 years old computer, it may be worth considering an upgrade. If you are not tech-savvy, it may be worth asking someone you trust for advice. Here are some things to consider: Invest in a home computer as well as a laptop. Given that most of your data is now probably stored in the cloud, you can easily move from your home computer to your laptop when you need to. If most of your data is not currently stored in the cloud, consider moving to cloud storage. One of the most significant advantages of this is that you can access cloud data on most devices and seamlessly move from one device to another. You may also consider using a portable monitor that can be plugged into your laptop, effectively giving you 2 screens on your laptop. Your home computer should have at least 2 large high-resolution monitors or one even larger monitor capable of being divided into multiple virtual screens. Your home computer should be high performance. For example, it should have fast processing power, solid-state drives, and, in particular, enough memory to support many open browser tabs. It’s also good to do whatever you can to speed up your internet access. In deciding to invest in good computer hardware, it’s worth considering the following: How much are you worth? ...


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How interested are you in becoming more organised and productive?

Sometimes you are so busy that the thought of putting in more time to become more organised and productive is overwhelming in itself. You may also feel that if it involves tech, it’s something you won’t enjoy or be good at. You may feel that becoming personally organised is something you’d rather delegate or outsource. However, it’s essential to realise that we are talking about your personal productivity here. You really can not outsource some aspects of personal organisation and productivity any more than you can outsource lifting weights at the gym! There are just some things you really can’t outsource. What are some of the benefits of becoming more organised and productive? You become less stressed because you immediately know where to find things.You know your calendar will let you know what meetings you need to attend and for how long.You spend less energy context-switching because you can set aside blocks of time for specific projects or tasks.You feel more relaxed knowing that your system is automatically taking care of some tasks.You can save a great deal of time - especially by automating repetitive tasks.In general, others will admire and respect you more when you are organised and punctual. What barriers might some of your team members have to investing time to become more productive and organised? I’m just not good at or interested in tech.There are so many tools it’s overwhelming.Change is something I avoid where possible.I find technology unbelievably frustrating. How might you best help your team members become more productive & organised with the use of great technology? Here are some great ways to communicate the importance of adopting technology to your team members ...


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Other Apps

Other great apps In addition to the primary calendar, email, task and note-taking apps and their associated add-ons, other apps can help you save significant amounts of time, become more organised and productive, and help reduce your stress. Here are some apps that you may find helpful: 1. Apps that can help you automate repetitive typing. Often, you may find yourself continually typing the same or similar text over and over.One way to reduce the workload is to copy and paste from another document. However, a much better way is to use a Chrome extension called TextBlaze. TextBlaze enables you to trigger a snippet of text so that it is automatically pasted. It is simple to set up and use. A free version, and a very inexpensive paid version allow you to perform some very sophisticated tasks. 2. Apps that help you remain consistent & help you form habits Many studies have shown that the biggest inhibitor to most people’s success is their lack of consistent effort. In this regard, we highly recommend you listen to this audio summary of the book Mini-habits by Stephen Guise. We also recommend you decide to become a champion for consistent mini-habits. Streaks is a great, simple app that will help you create mini-habits. 3. Apps that help you organise your browser tabs It is so easy to become overwhelmed or lost in open browser tabs, isn’t it? Several apps can help with this. In particular, we recommend: 1. Toby for Chrome This Chrome browser extension is simply brilliant for keeping chrome tabs organised and helping you open a collection of related tabs. 2. Cluster Cluster is a simple app that allows you to press Ctrl-M to see all open windows and tabs. 4. Apps that keep your password ...