Consider investing in better computer equipment

Episode 03 October 19, 2021 00:03:03
Consider investing in better computer equipment
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Consider investing in better computer equipment

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Consider investing in better computer equipment.

If you already have a fast computer with multiple screens, you probably can’t imagine how you ever lived without them!

We are increasingly spending more time using computers.

One of the main reasons for this is that we are increasingly conducting more meetings via video conferencing, and this trend is likely to continue.

If you are currently working on a small laptop screen or a more than 3 years old computer, it may be worth considering an upgrade.

If you are not tech-savvy, it may be worth asking someone you trust for advice.

Here are some things to consider:

Invest in a home computer as well as a laptop.

Given that most of your data is now probably stored in the cloud, you can easily move from your home computer to your laptop when you need to.

If most of your data is not currently stored in the cloud, consider moving to cloud storage. One of the most significant advantages of this is that you can access cloud data on most devices and seamlessly move from one device to another.

You may also consider using a portable monitor that can be plugged into your laptop, effectively giving you 2 screens on your laptop.

Your home computer should have at least 2 large high-resolution monitors or one even larger monitor capable of being divided into multiple virtual screens.

Your home computer should be high performance. For example, it should have fast processing power, solid-state drives, and, in particular, enough memory to support many open browser tabs.

It’s also good to do whatever you can to speed up your internet access.

In deciding to invest in good computer hardware, it’s worth considering the following:

How much are you worth? What do you consider your hourly rate to be? If you can become far more efficient and effective by having a better computer set-up, how long would it take to pay back that investment - just in your personal time savings?
What is the cost of a good computer system compared with employing full-time staff? In most cases, you’d pay staff more in 1 or 2 months than you would pay for an entirely new computer system.
How much less stressed would you be if you weren’t continually waiting for your computer equipment to respond?
How much would high-resolution screens with good graphics improve your time in front of a screen?

We are also aware that although the cost/benefit of better hardware may be obvious to you and your team members, your current cash flow may not enable you (or your team members) to upgrade right now. In that case, work with what you have.

Also, there is no point in spending more than you need to. For example, you may not need costly graphics cards unless you also use your computer for gaming.

Another factor in upgrading your computer system is that you have also decided to become and remain consistent in your network building and other activities. There’s no point in starting with great intentions only to find your brand new computer system is under-utilised!

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